Liaison Agreement Format

9. This in the event of termination of the contract, either by time or by the effect of time. The manufacturer is not required to pay commissions on orders received thereafter. Any party (“this party”) trusts the other party (“This other party”) and cannot disclose confidential information to third parties in the agreement. Confidential information is information relating to the research, development, trade secrets or affairs of that other party, but does not contain information known to all or easily identifiable by non-parties that are common in the development and programming of computer systems. b) The advisor takes all reasonable steps to prevent confidential information from being received by other persons to whom a consultant is or may be related. Consultant assures and guarantees (i) that the consultant has no legal or other obligations incompatible with the terms of this agreement or with the consultant`s commitment to the company; (ii) that the performance of the services required by this Agreement does not violate or violate any applicable law, regulation or property rights or any other third-party right. (iii) this advisor will not use confidential information or business secrets of another person or agency to carry out his responsibilities under this agreement and (iv) that consultant has not entered into or entered into an agreement (oral or written) contrary to this agreement. The advisor assures the company that the equipment, analysis, data, programs and services that must be provided or provided for this purpose will be of the quality and quality of the species determined by qualified personnel. Specific requirements for formats or standards must be attached as additional exposure and executed by both the company and the consultant.

Consultants do not accept other guarantees, whether written, orally or implicitly, including, but do not limit themselves to ensuring accessibility or accessibility in the marketplace. Under no circumstances is Consultant liable for special or subsequent damages, either in the contract or in unlawful acts, whether the possibility of such damages was disclosed in advance to the consultant or reasonably foreseeable, and if this limitation may be found to be unenforceable, the parties agree that, because of the difficulty of anticipating potential damage, the liability of the company is limited to damages [AMOUNT] as damages. Since the consultant acquires or has access to you strictly confidential and secret information, the consultant is supposed to not provide services to other persons or companies without the company`s prior written permission. 7. This agreement applies for a period of one year from the opening date of the agreement and, during that period, the representative for similar products may not seek advertising means or act as a seller for other manufacturers. c) The advisor agrees that all confidential information is considered and treated as the exclusive and exclusive property of the company.