Trailer Interchange Agreement Blank Form

An exchange contract on the trailer makes the vehicle – the trucker carrying the trailer – responsible for the damage to the trailer. Companies involved in trailer exchange contracts may require these trailers to purchase replacement insurance for trailers. 4 Start of repairs, if costs are estimated to exceed, Carrier will not be responsible for other follow-up costs. Invoices made against the carrier for the regular maintenance of the equipment must be tendered within 30 days of the repair date, unless otherwise agreed. 10. Tires. The carrier must equip the equipment with properly sized tyres and tubes at the time of replacement. Then, until the device is returned to the carrier, tire and pipe repairs must be carried out by and at the user`s expense. When an unusable tyre or hose is replaced, it must be equipped with a new tyre/tube or a new encapsulated tyre. When a tire is replaced, the empty tube must be restarted if it is operational. The user must return the emptied or un emptied tyre to the carrier. 11. Aircraft damage or loss.

The user is responsible for all damage and loss attributable to the carrier`s equipment. In the event of a total loss of equipment, the user must pay the carrier the commercial value of the trailer at the time of its replacement. 12. Dispute resolution. When an action is brought against one of the parties and a judgment that that party has compelled to pay and the other party is solely liable in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, that other party immediately reimburses, at the request of the party, the same money that the party must pay (the party that pays the same thing), including damages, costs, expenses or any other expense. Neither party is bound by a judgment of law or equality against the other party, unless it has received appropriate notification from that other party, requiring it to appear in a legal action and defend itself for it, on its own behalf or with the other party. If such a notification has been made from one of the parties to the other party and the party receiving that party does not appear and does not defend itself, it is bound by the judgment or the decree in the appeal. In the event that the fee due remains unpaid for more than sixty (60) days from the date of the invoice and the carrier then forwards the collection of the fee to a lawyer, the User agrees to pay, in addition to this tax, an amount of 25% of this tax to cover legal and collection costs.

13. Miscellaneous. The laws of the State of the Convention govern this agreement in all its aspects, including enforcement, interpretation, performance and enforcement. This agreement, as well as all the exhibits, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and no oral or amendment to this agreement is permitted. 4 Alternatively, a company may acquire property damage without its own trailer, even if there is no written correspondence contract for transportation. This type of insurance covers property damage suffered by the supporter while it is drawn by a party other than the owner. Insurance coverage covers the truck driver and damage to the truck caused by fire, theft, vandalism or collision. Collision insurance protects your vehicle if it is damaged in the event of an accident. Unlike most other countries, insurance in the United States has experienced greater deregulation over time.

An insurance obligation also implies a legal protection fee in case of appeal after your involvement in a collision.