Caricom Cuba Free Trade Agreement

According to the declaration, the agreement also provides for trade between the parties. In a brief statement, the Secretariat said that the agreement had been reached at the 10th session of the Joint Commission, established as part of the CARICOM-Cuba Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement, held in Guyana at the end of last month. Last month, the Secretariat of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), based in Guyana, said that the 15-member regional integration movement had reached an agreement with Cuba to extend preferential access to the markets of the other party. HAVANA, Cuba (CMC) – Cuba is offering Caribbean Community countries (CARICOM) an extension of the trade and economic cooperation agreement, which facilitates access to the Cuban market for hundreds of CARICOM products, according to an official statement released Monday. “A considerable number of Community products, including beer, fish and other agricultural products, as well as industrial products, were allowed on the duty-free market in Cuba as soon as both parties formalized the agreement.” CARICOM member states have also agreed to grant duty-free access to Cuban products, including medicines. The most developed countries (MDCs) of the Community will also determine the preference they will give to Cuba on a number of other points,” the secretariat said. “Both sides have been working to identify financial and technological resources to implement cooperation,” he added. See the details of the CARICOM-Cuba trade and economic cooperation agreement He said the issue was discussed at the fifth CARICOM-Cuba ministerial meeting last Saturday. In the statement issued by the Cuban government, Havana said its cooperation with the Caribbean had a “high social impact” and referred to the number of Caribbean nationals under review in various fields, including medicine and sport. The weekend meeting coincided with the ministerial meeting of the Trinidad-based Association of Caribbean States (ACS), and the statement revealed that “projects have been approved by the Association of Caribbean States to protect Caribbean sand coasts, coral reefs and for control of sargasso and invasive species.” It was agreed that the sixth CARICOM-Cuba summit would be convened in Antigua and Barbuda in December 2017,” he said in the statement, which said the first was held in 2002 and that every three years after, the value of early warning systems to the region was highlighted at the climate change conference. The statement said that the Latin American and Caribbean region had been ratified as a peace zone and that Cuba wanted to thank the “Caribbean for their solidarity and courageous support.” and will continue to share his humble achievements with the Caribbean.” Trinidad and Tobago Signs CARIFESTA XIV Country Agreement “The high-level Caribbean meetings in Havana also highlighted the need for Latin American and Caribbean countries to unite to address external challenges and international insecurity and ensure the independence, development and well-being of our region.” The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Republic of Cuba signed a Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement (EEG) in July 2000.